Double Edge was born in the minds of our coaching team and grew from our collaboration over the course of the last three years. We wanted to give Reno something it did not have; a centrally located beautiful training facility that offers fully coached fitness and health programs for all ages and capabilities. Our highly trained staff each bring their own individual qualities to help provide an environment great for learning and improving overall health and fitness.

Double Edge is located in the heart of Reno making it a great central location for everyone to reach. Our facility is one of the biggest and largest of its kind. The 14,000 square foot facility has over 11,000 square feet of training area, two private massage rooms, beautifully appointed and fully supplied locker rooms, a member’s lounge with complimentary Wi-Fi and coffee, a full Reebok retail area,  and a designated kid’s room.  

We offer varied group classes, and personal training that focuses on the CrossFit methodology of constantly varied functional movements which is intended for all fitness and skill levels. Our classes include TRX training, CrossFit, mobility and movement, fitness basics and a LunchFit class.

Our mission is to create a positive place for individuals of our community to come together not only for fitness but also for fellowship.  Our goal is to always provide an environment that is welcoming and professional for everyone, no matter your fitness background.  We believe that a healthy community starts with a healthy you! We are; “fitness founded on community”

Double Edge Fitness
1065 S Virginia St
Reno, NV 89502


P: 775.657.9956