We are an open, collaborative workspace for independent artists, freelancers, artisans, and entrepreneurs who want to grow their own businesses. Fusion@Midtown is coworking like you've never seen it before. Work with the most creative and innovative minds in town and have a space to grow your business or personal brand in the heart of Reno's lively Midtown District. Join our community and become part of our Fusion family! Get support, business tips, and lead generation through like-minded collaborators who want to see you succeed. Get out of that lonely home-office or noisy coffee shop and work on your own terms, meeting the people you need and enjoying the most of what Midtown has to offer. Book a free tour and ask us about a FREE work-day pass.

Fusion@Midtown Premier Coworking
800 Haskell Street
Reno NV, 89523


P: 702.461.0856
W: www.fusionatmidtown.com