Founded in 1983, Good Deals on Wheels is a family-owned boutique auto dealership in the heart of Midtown.

We know that your need for a car doesn’t rise and fall like a credit score. We know that it’s no fun not having one. And while walking may be a healthy alternative, doing it all the time would suck. Most of all, we know that your livelihood depends on having a high-quality, reliable vehicle. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to making the car buying process as simple and fluid as possible.

Since that first day we opened our doors, we’ve recognized the community’s need for affordable, quality used cars with flexible financing. So over the last 31 years, while other dealers were turning away hard working people for credit problems, we invested in them, and provided them with the quality cars they deserve.

Today, our goal remains the same—helping you drive. That’s why we offer in-house financing that’s as quick as it is easy to understand. We aren’t handcuffed by big banks or third party lenders, so you aren’t either. You can purchase, finance, and make payments on your vehicle all at our Midtown dealership. But most importantly, you’ll receive the personal attention and peace of mind that only a local, family-owned business can provide. Sounds a lot better than the hassle and stress of some far-off finance company, doesn’t it?


Good Deals on Wheels
901 South Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89502


P: 775.322.7071