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Good Elephant is a community of yoga instructors, local businesses, spaces, and studios who believe in making yoga and meditation classes affordable and accessible for everyone. We connect certified instructors with creative local spaces to provide ongoing classes and gatherings in Midtown and beyond. Our mission is to share the transformational power of mindfulness with our communities, so students can choose their price for every class we offer, and can even try yoga and meditation for free!

NEW TO YOGA and MEDITATION? No worries! Just bring your mind and your body—classes offered through Good Elephant welcome all yogis from beginners to gurus. YOGA is a pathway toward awareness and joy. We use poses and breath to practice mindfulness and focus. This enables us to live peacefully and effectively in the world, and to share the joy we've found with others in our lives!

Good Elephant
225 W Taylor St
Reno, NV 89509


P: 775.600.2802
W: goodelephant.co