A Few Things We Do:

MidTown District Maps

Maps highlighting all the merchants and hotspots within our district are distributed strategically in high traffic locations such as the airport and visitor centers- showcasing to incoming visitors the cultural powerhouse that Midtown is, as well as over 50 different merchants, which are regularly visited by our residents!

Street Flags and Banners

Prominently displayed throughout the major streets of Midtown and around your business, showing your participation and involvement of this movement.

Social Media Posts

With a following of over 10,000 people and an average weekly reach of 25,000, we can feature your business and events when you notify us, giving you the opportunity to reach engaged consumers that you may have been missing out on.

Hands-On Workshops

We facilitate hands-on workshops for business-owners, managers and employees on topics that you ask for. We bring in experts to answer your questions and to walk you through principles and pro-tips that help your business thrive. 

Meetings and Mixers

Numerous opportunities to meet fellow merchants and outside visitors, sharing ideas and collaborating efforts to grow each of our footprints within Reno. 


Events make Midtown District Reno an attraction for locals and travelers alike, driving traffic into the area, and into our businesses. Events also foster a sense of community in the heart of the Biggest Little City.