We personally picked each ingredient we are using in our recipes to create the best combinations we feel you will enjoy and love. A recipe isn’t just what ingredients are to be used, but how those ingredients are shipped, held and cooked. After careful examination, we created our menu using our precise pizza taste buds to bring you what Pizzava is about.


A lot goes into making sure your delivery gets to your door on time. We carry industry leading digitally inclined systems to ensure just that. Our delivery dispatch computers connect to our drivers’ phone app and automatically dispatches the fastest route, taking construction and traffic conditions into consideration to ensure your pizza feels like it just came out of the oven. We guarantee it.


What sets us aside from the sea of competition is easy; love, honesty, and hard work. We feel every business is an active part of the community, and we strive to earn your loyalty. Join our family by creating a Pizzava Rewards account.


1043 S Virginia St
Reno, NV 89502


P: (775) 507-7077
W: www.pizzava.com