My story isn’t too unfamiliar to most of you. Over nine years ago, I started off a smoking, web-surfing comfort-eater, who was petrified of setting foot into a gym. Then I had a wake-up call: blood work was not so good. So, I decided to get serious about exercising and jumped in without a clue of where to start or what to do.

Fast forward through fitness shifts, certifications, accusations of teaching “Jazzercise,” self-assessment, and re-assessment. Finally, I was able to un-learn many things that I had been doing all wrong- who knew?

That’s when my philosophy around fitness shifted. I want to help others move better so they can feel stronger and fitter beyond the aesthetics and the posing.  My mission is to apply over eight years experience with various fitness formats and modalities including TRX Suspension & TRX Rip Trainers, sandbags, kettle-bells, ropes, resistance bands, Bosu and more to customize personal fitness programs.

My goal is to connect with and empower individuals to fall in love with health & fitness.  At Reno Movement & Fitness, we believe anyone can learn to move better, experience less pain, and take control of their health in a safe, supportive environment.

Let’s get moving together!

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P: 775.386.2121

120 Thoma St #3
Reno, NV, 89501
United States


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